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Siculabrioche, a sweet, sicilian story

Siculabrioche is a brand belonging to the company SP&F srl, a sicilian small factory specialized, since 1999, in creating and selling products for ice cream parlors and with a special focus for the traditional Sicilian brioche and other typical local sweets.

High quality, crafts care, careful selection of fresh ingredients, respect for the customers: these are the strengths of Siculabrioche.

The entire production cycle follows the ancient sicilian recipes, but high quality and safety are guaranteed by usage of the best modern tools.

Brioche “Co’ tuppu”

As result of an unique recipe, the brioche with “Tuppo” is taking the name from the traditional hairstyle of the Sicilian women. Sicilian and soft, it is the ideal companion for ice cream and granita.


As freshly baked thanks to the special packaging

The protective capsule has been designed to protect the brioche during transportation and the special modified atmosphere packaging keeps it soft as freshly baked, over two months.


Quality and tradition make the difference

It’s not only about the recipe. Our passion for this work, our costant research of the right balance and our craftsmanship are the most important elements that makes Siculabrioche the best company in selling Sicilian brioche.

Thanks to our experience and distribution channels, we promptly provide Bar and Ice Cream Shops in the whole European territory to sell the best brioche with ice-cream. We also grant products with an excellent quality.

From Sicily to your Ice Cream’s customers

Brioche with ice-cream is the best way to start your day. Perfectly for breakfast, it is also a great solution for lunch or dinner.

Once it’s baked, it’s promptly sealed!

Once it cools for a couple of minutes, it goes to the protective capsule. Now it’s ready to be enjoyed.

Always on top

Brioche with ice-cream is becoming a great habit. Thanks to our distribution channels and Siculabrioche’s passion, Sicilian brioche’s taste is conquering Italy, also Europe as well.

Sicilian’s authentic experience

Our secret is just sicilian’s air, beyond our traditional recipe and our raw materials. Storage in modified atmosphere keeps the Siculabrioche fragrant and soft, just to give the best experience you could ever have.

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